Organisational Sensemaking, for performance advantage

Grounded in Organisational Sensemaking, a process by which leaders reduce ambiguity, make decisions and take action, Footdown’s software solution enables leaders to make sense of what’s going on in their organisation in order to find performance advantage.


Our software solution offers an accurate and simple view of the inner workings of complex organisations faster, less disruptively and more cost effectively than manual surveys and traditional consultancy methods available today.


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“This solution is so good I am tempted to give a bad reference, just so that the edge it has given my team is protected! Never before have I experienced an approach that can so radically improve and enhance the way a team work together and interact.”
Piers Clark Chairman, Isle Utilities


Converting complex issues into simple understanding

Footdown uses its Intelligence Framework to provide leaders with the quickest and broadest organisational insight available today. This helps them to understand what is happening within their organisation and how to effect change, in order to achieve dramatically improved business performance.

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What We Do

Footdown provides leaders with solutions that put people at the centre of decision-making, to improve organisational performance and support their intervention strategies.

High Performance Workplace

An in depth look at an organisations culture, employee engagement and performance.

Using 48 carefully constructed clues, leaders can, in minutes, gain unprecedented insight into what its organisations people perceive the culture to be, how engagement is being impacted by the managing style in the business and how the business is performing as well as how the story varies across limitless different views of the business i.e. hierarchically, departmentally or even location.

High Performing Team

An in depth look at how high performing teams are within a business and what differentiates one team from another.
Using 25 carefully constructed clues, leaders can, in minutes, gain unprecedented insight into a teams perceived high performance. Exploring in depth, the five core pillars of team performance; Openness, Productive Tension, Responsibility, Commitment and Outcomes enabling understanding of the teams perceived strengths and bringing to light areas requiring further development.

High Performing Leaders

An in depth look at an organisations leadership capability, alignment and preference for autonomous working.

Using 52 carefully constructed clues, leaders can, in minutes, gain unprecedented insight into its perceived leadership capability, its preference for autonomous working and how aligned work is across the business in working towards common objectives. Organisations can asses a single tier of leadership or gain holistic insight into how the story varies across different hierarchical levels of the organisation.


Success statements from our clients


“Footdown are a great partner; they challenge our thinking and bring new ideas to the table both through their people and their technology. A most forward-thinking company that really helps us challenge convention.”


“This is a game changing piece of software that enables us to think differently about how we improve performance in the business. The speed, accuracy and focus of it is exactly what we need right now.”

Price Bailey

“With Footdown we uncovered our blind spots and dealt with them so the business would run even more efficiently.
Footdown’s blend of software and consultancy capabilities helped us stay on top of the issues that were holding us back from becoming a leader in our sector. ”

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