Do you want to reduce complexity and improve performance in your organisation?

Our solution enables leaders to gain, in real time, a clear, precise and holistic understanding of their organisation’s people, position, challenges and opportunities.


New Perspective

Absolute clarity in the palm of your hand

Through our software solution, we have the means to rapidly identify how to improve organisational performance.

It accurately ensures leaders make informed decisions and execute better actions, without being overwhelmed by the
on-going speed and complexity that they face on a daily basis.

Grounded in Organisational Sensemaking, a process by which leaders reduce ambiguity, make decisions and take action, it quickly identifies what is happening within an organisation and what to do next.

In 3 minutes, the diagnostic tool can enable leaders to instantly understand the biggest opportunities and issues that could enhance or impede the development of their organisations.

How We Can Help

Four steps to enhancing decision-making capabilities

Using our platform in an organisation's every day activity couldn’t be easier. Unlike traditional consultancy approaches, it can be run at the touch of a button, include a truly global audience and be used repeatedly to map a story that’s developing over time. It’s a critical part of a leader's toolkit for performance advantage in their organisation and for leaders wishing to achieve digital transformation.

Prepare & Deploy

Footdown create an event, select participants, craft communication and deploy a lens to any stakeholder, anywhere in the world, in minutes.

Diagnose Results

Leaders can review results as they emerge and see the story within their organisation unfolding before their eyes. Then, through a configurable dashboard, can compare departments and functions, different locations, leaders' views against team members', past results with present; revealing a complete organisational picture.

Manage Outcomes

With access to comprehensive analytical reports and presentation-based results, leaders can easily feed back to participants both the results they contributed to and the actions being taken.

Repeat as Required

Leaders can quickly and easily measure the impact of their interventions over time.

Powerful dashboards

Product Outputs

Our software platform dramatically improves organisational performance by enhancing the process of initiating and managing changes in business execution. There is no other existing means for guaranteeing the speedy, light touch, cost-effective management of organisational change. Intelligent decision making has never been this simple or beautiful!

“Footdown has a very clever way of providing accurate analysis to guide the organisational development efforts by customising their solution in line with the client’s size, context and expectations. ”
Michael Jennings CEO, Hydro International