11th July 2017

Building a high-performance team as the owner of a small company

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Footdown was proud to be featured in Business Advice magazine recently with an article on building a high performance team. Here’s a little snippet of what we had to say…

Every business leader knows that teamwork is essential to success. Here, Matt Jenkins, head of consulting at organisational management consultancy Footdown, explains how small business owners can mould their workforce into a high-performance team that delivers results.

A team that “clicks” and works in sync equals higher productivity, more innovation and stronger engagement. As a result, impressive budgets are allocated every year to training workshops, team-building programmes and employee perks – all aimed at strengthening a team and aligning smart, competent people behind a common goal, vision and targets.

However, very few initiatives are actually successful – even though the employees in question are individually brilliant and creative, the team’s productivity is low because its members don’t focus on innovation and business outcomes, but on how to fight for personal ideas and gain. This leads to conflict, resentment and passive-aggressive attitudes.

Read the rest of this article in Business Advice magazine here


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