17th July 2017

How to fix dysfunctional company culture

Blog post

Footdown was proud to be featured in CV Magazine recently with an article on fixing dysfunctional company culture. Here’s a little snippet of what we had to say…

Many market leading companies have realised that company culture is a critical business asset for long lasting success. Considering that company culture is the driving force that shapes the way an organisation functions and how employees behave internally and externally, it’s easy to understand that when neglected or managed incorrectly it can become a liability and create a dysfunctional, toxic workplace.

If a positive, strong company culture is an essential competitive advantage pushing organisations to new success heights, a toxic one can erode an organisation’s core strengths, diminishing productivity, hindering innovation and damaging its public image.

Where did it go wrong?

Read the rest of this article in CV magazine here


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