18th April 2018

Helping business leaders in Scotland to drive organisational effectiveness and increase business performance

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It was a great experience to host our Footdown software seminar in Edinburgh in collaboration with our customer FanDuel.

We have been working with FanDuel for over four years and during this seminar we talked about how our software solution helped the company focus on the key performance drivers and develop a company culture that enabled them to become a leading player in their industry and enjoy long term success.

Another important discussion topic we shared with the senior leaders and entrepreneurs in Edinburgh was how the right data can drive organisational effectiveness, helping business leaders to convert complex issues into simple understanding in just a matter of minutes.

With so many new technologies and tools emerging it has become increasingly difficult for business leaders to clearly ascertain which ones are best suited to their needs. For this purpose we organised interactive sessions for our guests and let them experience at first-hand the power, impact and speed of our solution.

At the end of the event, we were delighted to hear one of our guests comment: “I rarely get excited about technology but this is one of the most exciting things I have seen. The simplicity of the story you are able to share and how actionable it is, it’s simply incredible.”

It was a great honour to meet all of you and we look forward to our next seminar on 9th May, organised in collaboration with Price Bailey in London.

For further information or additional details about our solution and expertise, please contact sarah.nelson@footdown.com


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