18th July 2017

How to increase employee productivity

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The need to ensure and enhance employee productivity is a reality no business can ignore. Key business outcomes and customer satisfaction are highly dependent on how productive and engaged your staff is. As a result, an investment in employee productivity is an investment in the company’s success. By catering to employees needs you create a stronger company culture that inspires employees to perform at their best and stay loyal to your organisation.


Many companies think they can increase workforce productivity by creating a ‘fun workspace’ that includes freebies, Friday night drinks, cool offices, team building or unusual apps/tech.

But while these examples can deliver results, today’s employees want more. They want authenticity and to be heard. They want empowerment and autonomy.

When asked about improving staff well-being and equipping them with tools aimed at increasing productivity, the number one answer we get from employees isn’t more money or better tools or cooler things – it’s greater empowerment and autonomy. We get that answer every time. People want to be free to do well at their job and be successful at it. Money only ever comes into it when they believe things are unfair, and in that case money is the only issue that matters.

It’s great when companies focus on the nice-to-haves that can create a better workplace but what’s most important is giving people the freedom to do their job and do it well and that starts with autonomy and empowerment.

So instead of focusing on the ‘happiness factor, leaders should try to understand employees’ needs and uncover potential dysfunctions that are hindering productivity. In many cases, a company’s infrastructure and internal command structures are big parts of the problem and create significant obstacles to a high performance workforce.

Therefore, before investing more resources in new tech or collaborative and communal aspects, employers should actually focus on learning their team’s true needs and pain points. Each company and team have a unique personality and culture. Just because a specific set of actions worked for one organisation, it doesn’t mean the same system can be replicated for all and deliver the same results.

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