19th July 2018

Footdown launch robo-consult (r-c)

Blog post

Footdown launches the first Robo Adviser for rapid, non-disruptive organisational health analysis, insight and action planning.

Today’s leaders have increasingly complex landscapes to manage – their markets are changing fast and becoming ever more competitive. This increased complexity is, in part, driven by the impact of the Digital Era, called the 4th Industrial Revolution by some in terms of its impact on the nature of work.

In this environment, robo-consult offers something unique to the modern leader – an ability to cut through the complexity of the inner workings of their organisation in a rapid, non-disruptive and cost-effective way. For any leader keen to convert the opportunities of the Digital Era to performance advantage, it is a great place to start.

Our new dedicated website, robo-consult.com sets out more detail about how robo-consult can help modern leaders increase organisational performance and stay ahead of the competition. Here you will also be able to download relevant white papers that provide even greater detail as to our approach and philosophy.

We and our investors are excited about robo-consult and the opportunities it presents for us and our trusted partners.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about r-c and how we can help you to uncover performance advantages for your organisation.


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