7th June 2018

London seminar launches robo-consult as improved successor to the already hugely successful F1.1

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We recently ran another popular F1.1 seminar, hosted in London by Price Bailey. It has been a privilege to work with Martin Clapson and his team for more than five years and it was a proud moment for us when he attributed his partnership with Footdown as a key factor in Price Bailey receiving their award as one of the Sunday Times’s Top 100 employers. Martin left no doubt about F1.1’s impact and influence across his company.


A highlight of the seminar was the persuasive presentation of our Executive Chairman, Mark Quartermaine, who described his experience of using F1.1 with his last two companies. He had been so inspired by the product, he said, that he was thrilled to become Chairman.


Our Head of Consulting, Matt Jenkins, gave a live demonstration of F1.1 for the CEOs and other business leaders in the room. Their engagement and response was a powerful reminder that, having identified a gap in the market, we have produced something that quickly makes a real difference.


Giving the event huge and lasting significance was our introduction of the new version of F1.1, robo-consult (r-c). This has been designed for leaders looking for fast, simple and actionable insight that will help their organisation, division or team greatly improve performance and drive their organisational effectiveness. Much more than a traditional employee engagement survey, robo-consult collects data on organisational culture, resilience, leadership capability, employee engagement and alignment, and ability to bring about transformative change.

For further information or additional details about our solution and expertise, please contact sarah.nelson@footdown.com


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