20th July 2017

How to make your digital transformation a success

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Footdown was proud to be featured in Director Magazine recently with an article on successful Digital Transformation. Here’s a little snippet of what we had to say…

Unsuccessful digital projects are common and often come at a high cost to unsuspecting businesses. Matt Jenkins, head of consulting at Footdown, argues that company culture is the key to making your digital transformation a success

An old aphorism says that of all forms of wisdom, hindsight is the least merciful, the most unforgiving. Many business leaders will probably agree when it comes to digital transformation.

A recent report from Accenture found 80 per cent of digital projects fail. This failure comes at a steep price. A similar study from Genpact revealed that large organisations invest over £258 billion a year in unsuccessful digitalisation projects.

But despite these bleak statistics, businesses still need to progress through digital transformation to prevent becoming obsolete and to continue their growth.

Over 50 per cent of senior executives have put digitisation at the top of their priorities list and see it as a critical element in generating new revenue, improving customer services and increasing overall organisational performance.

So how do business leaders turn hindsight into foresight that reveals insight and ensure a successful digital transformation process?

Read the rest of this article in Director magazine here


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