31st March 2017


Blog post

Footdown was proud to be featured in Adiona magazine recently with an article on how to be a successful new CEO.  Here’s a little snippet of what we had to say…

WHETHER YOU HAVE been promoted from the inside or brought
on as an outsider, becoming a CEO can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Shareholders, customers and employees have high expectations and every action or decision can have a dramatic impact on your workforce and the future of the business.

Usually, a new CEO is ooded with information and demands. This is often daunting as most CEOs need time to adapt to new management tools and internal procedures. They need to create a strategic plan that improves current processes and builds strong relationships with key people inside and outside the company.

Read the rest of this article by subscribing to Adiona magazine here or drop us a line via our Contacts page and we’ll send you a copy of the magazine itself.


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