28th June 2017

Turning around a dysfunctional team

Blog post

Footdown was proud to be featured in Management Issues magazine recently with an article on turning round a dysfunctional team. Here’s a little snippet of what we had to say…

A good leader knows their strength comes from their team. As you would expect, a high performance team is every manager’s dream, however like most things in life, creating an effective team is not as easy as it seems. Bringing together a group of smart, creative and driven people doesn’t mean they’ll instantly connect and work in sync.

Complexity increases even more when several teams need to be aligned and work together towards a common goal.

But Research has found that 75% of cross-functional teams are dysfunctional and they usually fail on at least three of five main targets: meeting a planned budget, staying on schedule, adhering to specifications, meeting customer expectations and maintaining alignment with the company’s corporate goals.

Read the rest of this article in Management Issues magazine here


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