“Footdown and its F1.1 software has helped me enormously in my first 2 years as MD. Their work has helped us create clarity on our vision and strategy and fully engage our people along the way. F1.1 is invaluable in tracking our progress and keeping us focused on what matters to keep achieving that difference.”

Martin Clapson – Managing Director, Price Bailey


What We Do

F1.1 Enterprise Software

Clients can embed F1.1 at the centre of their workplace and through Footdown's accredited programme, develop people to proactively hear and understand the story within the business whenever they wish.

Performance Lenses

Clients can see, in real-time, the story within their organisation by selecting and deploying carefully constructed 'lenses' that scan the organisation and provide graphical interpretation and analysis on any and every group no matter their location or size.

Intervention Themes

When responses have been submitted and analysed, clients can further explore issues to identify specific, high impact interventions.

Consultancy Services

Footdown has a range of consultancy services that can support clients in their journey to improved performance. From coaching and mentoring to Insights Discovery, Footdown can assist leaders and their teams in striving for improved performance before re-executing F1.1 to assess overall progress.

High Performing Workplace

Using 48 carefully constructed clues, leaders can, in minutes, gain unprecedented insight into the organisation's culture, performance and levels of engagement. as well as how the story varies across hierarchy, function or location.

Digital Transformation

Through the completion of 36 clues, leaders can, in minutes, assess their organisation's capacity and readiness for digital transformation - transformation focused on the outcomes and the people, not on technology for its own sake.

High Performing Team

Through the completion of 25 focused clues, teams can, in minutes, gain an intelligent and rounded view of their performance based on the five common obstacles to high achievement (Trust, Productive Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Focus on Results).

Change Index

Through the completion of 16 revealing clues, leaders can quickly and efficiently identify if you team can adapt to change or if you need to coach and develop staff before investing heavily in a programme that would almost certainly fail.

Customer Satisfaction

Fully examine your customers’ perception in the 4 key areas of quality, transaction experience, delivery and support through 16 simple clues delivered in seconds, answered in moments.

Partner Relationship Management

Long term relationships with key accounts are the lifeblood of an organisation. Discover how durable these vital partnerships are through 30 expertly crafted clues which examine every aspect of the effective B2B association.

Stakeholder Perception

Quickly find out how current and prospective stakeholders view your organisation as an opportunity for their growth through 16 simple clues which cut to the heart of this vital matter.

Sales Effectiveness

Through just 40 highly directed clues this lens exposes any weakness in your sales machine from marketing and brand management, through the completeness of the sales process itself and its impact on effective execution.

Strategy & Execution

By examining the cycle of planning, initiating, delivering and measuring through just 40 clues, leaders can, in minutes, gain a holistic view of the efficacy of their end-to-end strategy and execution capability.

Autonomy & Alignment

Through the completion of just 12 clues, leaders can, in minutes, ascertain how effective the organisation is at devolving autonomy whilst retaining full alignment with organisational goals.

Organisational Resilience

Through the completion of 16 clues, leaders can, in minutes, get a measure of the organisation's resilience centred around Leaders, Customers, Organisation and Resources.

Organisational Alignment

With just 16 simple clues, leaders can, in minutes, gauge their organisation's ability to plan and act in parallel.


From responses to 24 expert clues, leaders can, in minutes, gain intelligent insight into understanding their organisation's general leadership capability including Leading, Creating Opportunity, Team working and Strategy setting.

Innovation Matrix

Through the completion of 20 clues, leaders can, in minutes, gain insight and understanding of their organisation's capacity for innovation set in the 4 'M's of Mindset, Method, Marketing and Maturity.