Client statements

Enabling leaders to achieve that added commercial advantage

Footdown has a proven track record in helping clients all over the world achieve performance advantage through improved business execution. Building trusted relationships that centre around speed, transparency and completeness of the story within their organisation.


“Footdown are a great partner; they challenge our thinking and bring new ideas to the table both through their people and their technology. A most forward-thinking company that really helps us challenge convention.”

“This is a game changing piece of software that enables us to think differently about how we improve performance in the business. The speed, accuracy and focus of it is exactly what we need right now.”

“With Footdown we uncovered our blind spots and dealt with them so the business would run even more efficiently.
Footdown’s blend of software and consultancy capabilities helped us stay on top of the issues that were holding us back from becoming a leader in our sector. ”

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“Before trying their solution, many people are reticent and don’t believe it’s going to work but the Footdown team is very professional, confident, highly qualified and more important, delivers results so quickly that people soon realise what a great find they are. With Footdown we can tackle all challenges very quickly and focus on the important things. ”

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“Footdown has a very clever way of providing accurate analysis to guide the organisational development efforts by customising their solution in line with the client’s size, context and expectations. ”

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“Footdown helped us hugely as we navigated major organisational change.They have a superb solution for quickly getting to the heart of what matters allowing leaders to have the kind of conversations we might not ordinarily have.”

“Footdown and its solution is increasingly becoming a critical part of our business strategy. Their insight into our organisation is unrivalled and we regularly look to their solution for intelligence that shapes our action.”

“This is by far the best product I have seen in sometime; it gives us exactly what we want as leaders, without disruption, and has enabled us to have the best and most productive leadership meetings we’ve ever had.”

“Working with Footdown and their product is a breath of fresh air; together they get the real issues on the table. They are fearless in asking the right questions about what is impacting our ability to achieve high performance.”

“A wonderful team that has really helped us initiate change across our entire organisation. Their approach, knowledge and technology really is the perfect combination.”

“This product has repeatedly helped identify our immediate business change priorities with results shared across the business in order to engage them in improving our performance. ”

“We have repeatedly used Footdown's solution across our European operations. The results and impact have been critical in informing our decision making and ensuring energies and focus are where they need to be.”

“Never before have we had access to such compelling and accurate insight into the inner workings of our organisation. A must have solution and business partner in today's age.”

“A superb team to work with and a solution that dramatically helped us identify how culturally aligned we are before we embarking on organisational change. Its speed and accuracy was very impressive indeed.”

“Never before have I experienced a solution that, in the space of a few short hours, can so radically improve and enhance the way a team work together and interact. It revolutionises leaders insight and decision making.”

“Footdown provide an interesting and accessible way of understanding the key drivers for teams and individuals with a unique blend of solutions and consultancy that has significantly helped galvanise our team.”

“A partner for many years now, their approach and values align with ours and always provide us with the solutions we need. They have been instrumental in ensuring we are aligned and doing the right things.”

“Edwards wouldn't be where it is today without Footdown's ground breaking solutions and world class consultancy. I recommend it to every leader looking for ways to get their organisation ahead of the pack.”

“Great people, phenomenal approach and a world class solution. There really isn't any more that needs to be said. You'd be mad not to integrate them and their solutions in your business.”

“A reliable and consistent partner that we have used long term. Their support, service and solution is key to our on going success and employee engagement.”